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$ 49.95 + tax

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

Organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and base saturations of cations. 

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

$ 26.25 + tax


A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

Organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and base saturations of cations. 

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.


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Where can I find the Residential Soil Submission Form?

Find the Residential Soil Submission Fillable PDF Form here, or download the form on the left.

If you are located near one of the retailers listed here, you will find your submission form inside of a Verified Soil Test Kit. This is the only way to access “Your Nutrition Program” – which will include a list of specific products suited to your needs.

If you do not live nearby to one of our participating retailers, you can still have your soil tested by A&L Canada Laboratories. Find the Residential Soil Submission Form here. [Unfortunately, “Your Nutrition Program” will not be included with this test package.] 


How do I use my Soil Report to select fertilizer products?


The numbers provided in the “Soil Fertility Guidelines” section of your Soil Report will need to be converted to lbs/1000 ft2. For lime (expressed as tons per acre) multiply by 2000 and then divide by 43.56. For nutrients (expressed as pounds per acre) simply divide by 43.56.

Fertilizer will have a “Minimum Analysis” label somewhere on the bag. On this label you will find the percentage of each nutrient contained in the bag. Use these percentages to determine the most accurate product match.



  1. Your Soil Report indicates the need for potassium (K) at a rate of 218 lbs/ac.

  2. Divide by 43.56 to convert to 5 lbs/1000 ft2. This is your annual total for potassium.

  3. If a 50 lb bag of fertilizer is made up of 20% potassium, you will multiply 50 by 0.20 to find the amount of potassium in the bag. In this case, the bag would contain 10 lbs of potassium.

  4. Remember, you only need 5 lbs for the growing season. Multiply the size of the bag (50 lbs) by the required amount of potassium (5 lbs/1000 ft2) and divide by the amount of potassium in the total bag (10 lbs). This will give you your annual application rate of 25 lbs/1000 ft2.

  5. Be aware, however, that getting enough of one nutrient may mean that you will go overboard on another. You will need to be strategic in your choice of product(s) in order to find the closest match. Too much of a good thing can be just as detrimental as too little.



How do I get products if I don’t live in southwestern Ontario?

Homeowners outside of the pilot area can still get their soil tested by A&L Canada Labs. Find your submission form here. Your test package will include suggested nutrient rates. However, these will need to be converted in order to determine suitable fertilizer products.


What is "Your Nutrition Program"?


Launching in Spring 2021, this is the first product under the Verified  brand. Your Nutrition Program is not your average Soil Test Report!


The experts at A&L Canada Laboratories have applied decades of combined experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture to design a new solution for home lawn and garden nutrition.

Your Nutrition Program is a complete, yearly nutrition plan that is simple, affordable, and catered to the specific needs of your soil.


This comprehensive program includes:

  • Fast, accurate lab results 

  • Shopping List of specific products for a healthy lawn & garden

  • Monthly maintenance schedule

  • Detailed product use guidelines

  • Direct assistance from the experts at A&L Canada Labs

Click here to get started with Your Nutrition Program.

How can I purchase Your Nutrition Program?


Your Nutrition Program is included with the purchase of a Verified Soil Test Kit. Kits are available exclusively through these retailers.



Why can’t I order a Verified Soil Test Kit online?

In order to follow Your Nutrition Program, you will need to have access to the right products. The products on your Shopping List are exclusively available through the retailers who carry Verified Soil Test Kits.



When can I expect to find this program in my area?


Your Nutrition Program is an entirely new initiative and, like any new product, requires a trial period. During the pilot year we will be working to identify and address any areas for improvement. In order to ensure the success of this project moving forward, we need to contain the initial launch.

We hope to extend this program across Ontario by the end of 2022. Our long-term goal is to work with retailers throughout Canada. If you would like to stay informed as we improve access to this program, sign up for our newsletter here.



How can retailers get involved with this program?

If you are a retailer looking to sell Verified Soil Test Kits at your location, please contact us using this form. We would love to hear from you!