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Verified Lawn & Landscape

Verified Lawn & Landscape is a division of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. After decades of service in the agriculture, food, pharma and technology fields, A&L has recognized a substantial gap - lawn & garden.
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Verified Lawn and Landscape

Most agricultural laboratories offer test packages specific to this market. The missing piece, however, is support. Verified Lawn and Landscape is an entirely new initiative that has been designed with the average homeowner in mind.

Soil health and environmental awareness are more important now than they have ever been. The goal of this project is twofold – to increase the accessibility of soil analysis and to promote soil health at the residential level.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to plant nutrition. Any expert will tell you that testing your soil is critical when it comes to building a nutrition plan. A laboratory can provide the required ratio of nutrients, but where do you go from there?

Until now, the products that suit these requirements have not been made commercially available. This is especially true in the case of lawn fertilizer. Conventional blends will overload your soil with nitrogen long before they provide sufficient amounts of other essential nutrients.

A nitrogen heavy program will promote excessive top growth and, therefore, provide an immediate visual impact. The downside to this type of program is that it will provide little to no resource to the root system. The result? A brown lawn for the summer and an invasion of weeds that will take over before your grass can come back to defend itself.

Verified Lawn and Landscape is an initiative that has been driven by a passion to educate. "Your Nutrition Program" was designed to remove the guesswork from soil health and plant nutrition. The content provided on this platform is intended as a tool to help you succeed. A&L Canada Labs is committed to the success of this program and will continuously use your feedback to make improvements.


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