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Soil Test Kit & Your Nutrition Program

Soil Test Kit

Labeled Soil Kit.png
1. Mower Measure
3. Pre-Paid Shipping Box
5. Garden Trowel
2. Instruction Manual
4. Soil Sample
6. Submission Form

Pick up your Soil Test Kit in-store from one of our participating retailers. Click here.

Your Nutrition
Getting Started
with your Soil
Test Kit (video)
Soil Test Kit

3 Easy Steps!

Your Nutrition Program starts with a soil test.

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Collect Your
Soil Sample

Step 2_white.png

Mail Sample
to our Lab

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Start Your
Nutrition Program!

Your Nutrition Program

What is Your Nutrition Program?

Your Nutrition Program is part of your comprehensive soil test report - included with the purchase of a Soil Test Kit.

It is a prescription-based, annual fertilizer plan that is simple, affordable and catered to the specific needs of your soil.

The Soil Test Kit can be used for gardens, trees, shrubs, etc. but Your Nutrition Program is best suited for lawns. 

The multi-page soil test report includes:

Page 1:

  • Soil test results from A&L Canada Laboratories, including optimal ranges

  • The analysis includes organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and base saturation of cations


Page 2:

  • Your Nutrition Program - your personalized annual fertilizer program

  • A shopping list of specific products to accompany Your Nutrition Program


Page 3:​

  • Detailed product use guidelines

Page 4:

  • A monthly maintenance schedule for your intended end use

Additional information: 

  • The average cost to purchase one (1) Soil Test Kit and Verified fertilizer to last for one growing season is $250 - $275 plus HST. This is based on:

    •  Average soil conditions in SW Ontario 

    • "Home Lawn" as the intended end use

    • An area of 2700 square feet (the average lawn size in Canada) 

  • Once samples are received at the lab, the turn around time is 3 - 4 business days

  • Fertilizer products are available where Soil Test Kits are sold

  • Your Nutrition Program can be started at any time of year

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If you are interested in testing your soil but this option is not a fit, not to worry!
A&L Canada Laboratories can still perform the analysis, check out the Basic Soil Report for details.​

Getting Started with your Soil Test Kit

Getting Started Video
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