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Verified Lawn and Landscape

for Lawn & Landscape

3 Easy Steps!

Your Nutrition Program starts with a soil test.

Collect Your
Soil Sample

Mail Sample
to our Lab

Start Your
Nutrition Program!

Pick up your Soil Test Kit from one of our 

participating retailers in southwestern Ontario.

What is Your Nutrition Program?

Your Nutrition Program is part of your comprehensive soil test report.


It is a prescription-based, annual nutrition plan that is simple, affordable and catered to the specific needs of your soil.

The multi-page soil test report includes:

  • Soil test results from A&L Canada Labs – a professional, accredited facility

  • Your Nutrition Program

  • A shopping list of specific products to accompany Your Nutrition Program

  • Detailed product use guidelines

  • A monthly maintenance schedule for your intended end use

Garden Soil


Compost Council of Canada.png
Your Nutrition Program is a comprehensive plan that goes beyond feeding alone. The introduction of high-quality organic matter is crucial to soil health. Compost has been proven to increase moisture retention, improve soil structure and even fend off disease by boosting microbial activity. As a bonus, utilizing compost on a regular basis will help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

CQA (Compost Quality Alliance) is a voluntary program established by the Compost Council of Canada in conjunction with compost producers. CQA members follow standardized methodologies to ensure high quality from production to utilization. Although Your Nutrition Program recommends using CQA approved sources, it is understood that they are not yet widely available. Going forward, A&L will continue to work closely with the Compost Council of Canada to improve access to this hugely beneficial commodity.
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